Friday, January 4, 2013

It's easy to find American Made Socks!

I confess, I was dollar store sock addict, the dollar stores around here sell the most amazing LOOKING socks. But after at least 3 pairs in a row got a hole in the toe the first day I wore them it was time for a change, of socks.

I had very little trouble finding American Made socks, but I wanted to make sure it wasn't a fluke. I'd purchased them pretty reliably at Marshalls and TJ Maxx, but even though they are national chains they are hit and miss and you have to dig, so I didn't want to go and tell everyone it was easy to find American Made socks unless it actually was. I don't usually go to stores like Target, so I went to see if they sold them. They don't. I had no luck at places like Target, or even JC Penny, but they aren't hard to find.

The trick is to go to sporting goods stores.

I found racks and racks of them at Sports Basement, a local San Francisco chain, which in spite of it's name is pretty high end, so I went to Big 5 to make sure EVERYONE could afford American Made socks, and sure enough, there were plenty of options there.

I've purchased 7 pairs of American made socks from 4 different stores, they have ranged in price from $5 to $15 each, averaging around $7, I've seen them as low as $2 a pair in a pack of three, so even though you can blow a lot of money trying to buy American Made socks if you want to, you certainly don't have to.